I am open for any proposals to collaborate in Your company projects and You are very welcome if you wish to contact me with your ideas to talk whenever it is a need for a drone operation for your project, video production or photography I would be very happy to help you in any of above. Also I would be able to adhere to your budget and be open to negotiate the costs.

Many of my projects were made in collaboration with ILoveLimerick.com and I want to thank very much to beautiful human, my best friend and a CEO of I Love Limerick – Richard Lynch for all the help from him in many things and for the huge practice I have gained thanks to him in the field of photography, video editing and drone operations. I am also very happy to be a part of ILoveLimerick.com and as a citizen in Limerick City which I love very much and live since 2006 with my wife and 4 kids I want to stay forever in the collaboration with ILoveLimerick.com.

Contact me on Whatsapp : 0894599337 e-mail: contact@drone.irish or contact form here




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