Drones have made the process of inspecting hard to reach places not only easier but also much safer, not to mention alot more cost effective.

Don’t pay for scaffolding tens of thousands where I can perform a full building inspection for a fraction of the cost.

Using Drones for building inspections is extremely cost effective and safer as nobody needs to scale any heights.

You will receive a Google Drive link to photos and videos from the roof inspection so you can watch them and use them however you need. 

Why use Drones for Buildings, Roof & Facade inspections? ​


Eliminates most of the risks associated with conventional roof inspection methods ​


Collects more useful information using high-quality image, video ​


Performs the examination & report within a fraction of the time of conventional methods ​


Eliminates need for costly scaffolding, lifts, ladders, human risk and reduces insurance premiums

Call me 0894599337 or Whatsup me. I only need your EirCode and will come for the inspection.


Cost:  ~ €





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